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John C. Haskins

CEO, Trade

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Melissa White

Chief Marketing Officer

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Clarence Heuser

Strategy Officer

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Nicole Cambell

Legal Advisor

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Erin Macon

Technical Writer

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Alan S. Bartolome

Legal Advisor

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Mira Latorre

Blockchain Developer

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Catherine D. Iverson

Platform Developer

Client Testimony

Dwain Ward

It is the fastest and most trustworthy broker I have ever came to know. I Love it so much because it is real, it's intuitive and super friendly, fast, flexible in terms of timing a trade. Completely amazing and dynamic, like no other broker in the world. Global Options Market is highly recommended to anyone looking out for success.

Mildred Angelo

I started trading by accident, because I had no idea of the existence of neither this broker, nor binary options. Since the first moment, I received an excellent attention from the commercial team, who explained me through seminars how to start having my first incomes. I highly recommend this platform.

Kristie R. Luna

Binaryoptionslite is a Great site, trustworthy and reliable. Have made about $3,600 and will continue to trade here.

Jame D. Ford

I've been trading for the last few yrs but never felt I had the traders edge that I kept hearing about in terms of consistent results and a an exact plan to work towards. Since joining the binaryoptionslite not only have my results changed but also mindset towards what I'm doing.

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